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Daruma Doll

Daruma Doll Revealed My Good Luck This Year

I brought home a Daruma Doll from Japan. Even though it’s considered as one of the most popular talismans in the Japanese culture, at first I wasn’t interested in the relatively unattractive looking Daruma Doll, until...
South Australia Art Gallery

Takayama Morning From Where I Lay Down

Ohayōgozaimasu from Takayama. I finally get to live blog from Japan, just as promised you guys! Today, I woke up to a light coming from a square shaped window with no curtain, right above the futons....

I Want To Live In The Whimsical Tokyo Apartment

Over the weekend I caught up with the Girls latest season. Lo and behold, Shosh wakes up in a whimsical Tokyo apartment! She is living in Tokyo! What?! Since when?! Did it happen in...
Comfort Food Chicken Rice

Comfort Food Series: My Fave Chicken Rice is 3765 Miles Away!

Once at work, Che shared a story about comfort food. About how she forgot what’s hers and was told by her sister that it got to be Indomie, the Indonesian instant noodle. Then she asked me, what’s my...
Singapore Lunar New Year

My First Ever Lunar New Year in Singapore

Last weekend we went to Singapore for a cousins gateway. Coincidentally, it was during Lunar New Year. As you know, I am not one to skip any sort of celebration, so we declared it...
Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner And Sleepover Party With My Best Friends

I will be flying home for Christmas so the girls collectively decided to have the Christmas dinner earlier. My best friends are the best!! This time Fia was the host, I met her at the...
Ramadhan Singapore

Ramadhan Bazaar In Singapore

Yesterday I was out exploring Gelyang with Jik. We spent hours immersing in the hustle bustle festive filled air of Ramadhan in Singapore. It was a last minute decision to post this, but I guess...

My First Teru Teru Buzo

I was given Teru Teru Buzo by Jik. She said it will keep me happy. Err… I thought they are supposed to prevent rain and rain makes me happy. So I don’t really understand...
Being A Local

Being A Local: Singapore

I think I started being a local in Singapore. I finally found another place to feed myself, and no, it’s not the kitchen. I have been eating fried rice with iced tea from the...

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