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The Most Expensive Meal In Zurich Switzerland

What’s the most expensive meal you have ever paid for? Mine had to be the Indonesian food we had in an Indonesian restaurant in Zurich Switzerland. I have been warned that Switzerland’s going to be expensive,...
Spicy Crab Hong Kong Dim Sum

Four Alternatives To Hong Kong Dim Sum

I went to Hong Kong with Jik sometime ago  and we ate Hong Kong dim sum. Dim sum, and again, dim sum in Hongkong. I planned to share our dim sum saga with you: the research,...
UberEats Spicy Chicken

I UberEats Spicy Chicken 38 Times In 2017

I ordered spicy chicken 38 times through UberEats this year. That’s excluding Foodora and the time we used Fafas’ account. Oh well.. The way to my heart is.. Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House 21 Dec...
Penang Food

Malaysia Diary: A Day Meal Of Penang Food

Penang is known as one of the best street food cities in Asia, since our friends are visiting the island soon, I thought why not share my favorite Penang food for them to check out. Enjoy...
Space brownies

The Time I Ate Space Brownies In Amsterdam

Eating space brownies in Amsterdam have been on my wanderlust since 2011. It’s when, after visiting Amsterdam for the first time, I came back without trying and had been penalized for it by my friends,...
Sacher Torte Austria

Sacher Torte Is The Kardashian of The Cake World

Someone asked, why did I choose to visit Vienna on my last trip to Europe? I told them because I wanted to see the Opera. That, you guys, was a big fat lie. I...
Cambodia Happy Pizza

Pursuit Of Cambodia Happy Pizza

I put Happy Pizza on my Wanderlust ever since I knew there is a “Happy” Pizza. I first read it in Sally’s eBook, Best of Unbrave Girl, where she mentioned about space pizza while...
Old Yang Kee Singapore food

Potluck Feast of Singapore Food Part 1 of 2

I miss Singapore. A lot. I miss my friends the most. Singapore food comes after that. It’s not like I don’t have good food here in Melbourne. Also, nothing beats a home cooked meal,...
World Food Day

50 Ways To Celebrate World Food Day

You guys, 16th October is the World Food Day. It’s celebrated annually in honor of FAO’s birthday. It’s one of the minor holidays I have a reminder on my phone. Why? Because it’s World Food Day....
Free Coffee Coffeemin Singapore

Head To Coffeemin Singapore For A Free Cuppa

Hi you, the one in front of your laptop, have you ever felt like packing your laptop bag and going to someplace new sometimes? Maybe it’s the writer’s block, PMS or boredom; whatever it...

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