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World Food Day

50 Ways To Celebrate World Food Day

You guys, 16th October is the World Food Day. It’s celebrated annually in honor of FAO’s birthday. It’s one of the minor holidays I have a reminder on my phone. Why? Because it’s World Food Day....
Free Coffee Coffeemin Singapore

Head To Coffeemin Singapore For A Free Cuppa

Hi you, the one in front of your laptop, have you ever felt like packing your laptop bag and going to someplace new sometimes? Maybe it’s the writer’s block, PMS or boredom; whatever it...
Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Diary: Eat Fresh Seafood At Sydney Fish Market

On a weekend morning  while in Sydney we visited the fish market. I had always wanted to go there, from when we visited Australia for the first time years ago. That time, my cousins...
Working Title Singapore

After Office Hours At The Working Title Singapore

(working title) used to be one of my favorite after office hours hang out places in Singapore. It had been a long day at work. A little past eight PM and I could take it...

Drinking The Most Delicious Wine on Waiheke Island

  On a cold, windy morning we took a half hour ferry ride from Auckland to Waiheke Island, the second largest island in Hauruki Gulf, it’s known for wines and virgin olive oil production.
Khmer Cuisine

The Most Delicious Cambodian Food aka Khmer Cuisine

After we booked our tickets to Cambodia, I did what I usually do next. I checked out what we should eat there. The local delicacy, the Khmer Cuisine and the tourist favorites. I do this...

The Time I Didn’t Feel Like Drinking Coffee In Auckland

Unlike when we were in Australia, even though the weather was considerably colder, I didn’t crave much for a cup of joe in Auckland. Instead, I kept asking for the alternatives while Fafa tried various...
Jiro Sushi Takashi Ono

Jiro Sushi Makes Me Dream Of Sushi 🍣 Every Single Day

I caught up with the documentary of Jiro Sushi last year; it made me fall in love with Jiro’s work ethic and his passion for sushi making. I silently vowed that one day I...

The 5 AM Sushi at Sushi Dai Tokyo Japan

This is the story about how I ended up eating sushi at 5AM at Sushi Dai On my second visit to Japan and my last morning in Tokyo, I had two things scheduled; to...
Spicy food in China

Confused Desi Eats Spicy Food in China

I like spicy food. Maybe because I am an Indonesian, maybe because I am an Indian; both contribute to my love of chili. I wrote this spicy food in China piece for the time when I...

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