33 Things On My Birthday List

My Birthday List

Have you heard of birthday list? Xandra coined the term and inspired me to write my own for my birthday, which is today! Without further ado, here are the things I wish to tick-off before my next birthday.

33 Things On My Birthday List:

  1. Take interesting pictures daily for the scrapbook.
  2. Have a picnic, or two.
  3. Master cat-eye makeup.
  4. Snorkel again.
  5. Hike more.
  6. Swim often.
  7. Write and cast a spell.
  8. Ski for the first time.
  9. Go camping with Jik.
  10. Treat myself to a chakra balancing session.
  11. Successfully grow edible vegetables in my urban garden and cook a meal with it.
  12. Change my nail colors 13 times.
  13. Buy a well researched telescope and use it regularly.
  14. Eat 3 new cuisines. I am thinking Laos, Afghan and..
  15. Read 13 Books.
  16. Take a weekend cruise from Sydney.
  17. Give project 33 a try.
  18. Go on a balloon ride.
  19. Wear PJs to work.
  20. Eat at Vue De Monde.
  21. Visit 3 new countries.
  22. ..and 3 new cities in Australia.
  23. Post 3 letters of love and appreciation.
  24. Master a favorite easy to cook meal.
  25. Attend a soul retreat workshop.
  26. Read tarot accurately for others.
  27. Plant a tree.
  28. Do yoga regularly!
  29. Throw more house/sleepover parties.
  30. Post/delete all post drafts in the blog.
  31. Keep an open diary for a year.
  32. Travel on a cruise with Mama Kween.
  33. Share 33 anonymous Post-it notes.

Have you ever written a birthday list before? Share what’s on yours!

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