Besos From Barcelona


Hola de Barcelona

The only reason we are in Barcelona right now is because we thought spending 5 nights in Nice, would be excessive so we added Spain into our itinerary and we chose Barcelona because my cousin wanted to see the football field here.
I hadn’t heard much about Barcelona nor I had any friends in the city. But that indifferent feeling didn’t last more than an hour after we arrived. Yes, it didn’t take me long, once I reached here, to understand why my Russian friend, Sergey, talked so highly about the city.
Barcelona is asombroso! It’s lovely and sunny and colorful and affordable.
We didn’t do much these past two days except for eating delicious tapas, gulping cheap but delicioso wines and some kick-ass shopping. I bought Zara jeans for 20 euros yesterday. 20 euros, you guys! It’s at least a third price of the same item in Singapore, if not more. I immediately texted Vi and Yin. I told them that next time they are going to Europe, they ought to stop at Barcelona and shop their heart out before leaving.
The Gothic quarter was my favorite part of this vibrant city. There were a few crystals and pagan stores. It reminded me of the store called SpellBox in Melbourne when we visited Australia in 2013. It’s perfect to feed the Harry Potter fandom in me, but I didn’t spend too much time there (even though I was dead curious) because err it’s a bit too unfamiliar.
I was also amazed by Gaudi’s work, especially Sagarada Familia, but that’s another story for  another day. I am off to sleep now. We gotta catch a flight to Amsterdam tomorrow morning. This  is definitely a place I will back again, for both the food and the magical power of  the quarter.

Beunas noches, besos de Barcelona bebe!

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